Public Speaking:
Glossary F - J

Flipchart: Large pieces of paper either bound or loose that are supported on an easel.

Flop sweat: 1. Fear of performing 2. Perspiration while fearful of performing or while bombing.

Fluff: Normally lighthearted information in a presentation used to entertain or motivate (not hard data).

Gag: Wordplay or horseplay with the audience.

Gag order: Meeting planner tells you to shut up (I couldn't resist throwing this one in).

General session: All attendees present at the same presentation.

Gesticulate: To gesture in an animated and excited manner or simply to gesture.

Goldwynism: 1940's term for comical misuse of language. Named after movie mogul Sam Goldwyn.

Greenroom: A backstage room where speakers and performers can relax when they are not on stage. Also applies to television studios.

Handheld microphone: A corded or cordless microphone that can be held to your mouth or mounted on a lectern or microphone stand.

Handout: Any promotional or educational material given to each audience member.

Handsfree microphone: A corded or cordless microphone that attaches to the presenter's clothing. Also Lavaliere.

Head table: A table at the front of the room reserved for the leaders, special guests and speakers at an event.

Heart story: Touching story that normally brings tears to the eyes of audience members.

Heckler: Audience member who purposely annoys or bothers the presenter usually by means of verbal abuse (sometimes throws things).

Hey stupid question: Trite question posed to the audience like How many of you want to make more money?

Honorarium: Payment for speaking or other services.

House lights: Lights that illuminate the audience.

Humorist: Speaker who uses humor to make points, convey a message, and entertain.

Humorous acknowledgment: Mildly amusing admission of guilt immediately followed by a serious response.

Idiom: An expression of a given language that cannot be understood from the individual meanings of its words, as in keep tabs on.

Impostor guest speaker: Speaker with false credentials employed to pull a gag on the audience for the purposes of stress reduction, morale boost, and/or entertainment.

In fun: A climate in the presentation area such that the speaker and audience are in the mood for laughter.

Introducer: Person who presents the speaker to the audience and gives a brief account of the speaker's history.

Introduction: A normally written opening to a speech used by the introducer to present the speaker to the audience.

Jokes: Something said or done to create laughter or amusement.

Juxtaposition humor: The placing, side-by-side, of two ideas or items usually for the purpose of comic comparison or contrast.

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